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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

Ultra-Realistic Hairline

The front hairline of each Air Active Skin hair system is specifically designed to imitate a natural hairline.

With our customised hair pieces we can imitate your hairline. We will simply give you a little bit more hair every time you get a new hair system. This is so we can achieve your required look slowly and steadily without giving you a dramatic change that may look unnatural . By implementing thinner hairs randomly at the front of the system we create a hairline that perfectly imitates natural growth. Thanks to this and the invisible Air Active Skin our hair system is impossible to detect.

High Quality Human Hair

We have three ways to ensure that our Air Active technology is amongst the best and long lasting.

1) We have very high standards when it comes to picking the kind of hair we use for our systems.
2) We are known for the quality of hair we use.
3) We change your system at the appropriate time to ensure the systems quality.
4) We offer excellent after care services.

EMI Options Available

EMI Facility

For those with budget constraints, we have the EMI facility that allows you to pay for your order in easy monthly installments. A minimum amount of down payment (approximately 10,000 rupees )needs to be made initially and then a certain percentage to be paid every month (approximately 2500 – 3500 rupees).


American International Accreditation Organization

About AIAO:

The AIAO Bar is a non- profit corporation that accredits conformity assessment bodies in accordance with internationally recognized guides and standards. It also recognizes auditors wishing to demonstrate their competence to various parties internationally.

The mission of the AIAO Bar is to help organizations worldwide become more competitive by ensuring the adequacy of their products, services and personnel, as well as the general effectiveness of organization management.

AHL certified by AIAO:

American Hairline is the only known non- surgical hair replacement company in India, certified by AIAO. We maintain the highest quality standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

American Board of Accreditation Services (ABAS)

About ABAS:

ABAS is the independent accreditation board providing accreditation to conformity assessment bodies.

Accreditation is the official validation or recognition of an assessment body’s proficiency, ethics, trustworthiness and independence to take on certification assessment activities.

AHL certified by ABAS:

American Hairline non- surgical hair replacement is officially certified by ABAS, ensuring the best quality products and services for our customers.