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Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Training & Education

Non- Surgical Hair Replacement Industry In India

Hair loss is a billion dollar industry in India. Millions suffer from hair loss, and continue to remain dissatisfied after trying all the possible options to restore their hair. Non- surgical hair replacement is the only method that guarantees results and is an ever- growing industry.

In 2009, there were around 3lakh units sold and in 2018, there were half a million units sold across India. Research proves that it is the most profitable salon service across the globe.

Hair replacement clients are also the most loyal clients as they don’t want to experiment with the hair replacement experts since it is a very private affair.

Hair Replacement Training Courses

American Hairline is one of the leading companies in non- surgical hair replacement. We are the only company in India that provides in- depth training to hair professionals, including barbers, hairdressers, and hair extension technicians with hairdressing qualifications.

Topics We Cover

1) Consultation
Consultation is a very important aspect in the hair replacement industry. You will learn how to build your client’s trust and confidence, and fine- tune your ability to understand the needs of your client. You will learn which type of hair system would be suitable for your client and the terminologies that are used in the industry.

2) Ordering
In this section you will be guided as to how to select the right color, length, curl pattern and the right base for your client. In addition, you will learn how to fill the order forms.

3) Mold Making
Every individual has a different head size, therefore we need to make a mold which is then used as a guideline to get the perfect fit for the hair system. You will be taught how to find the proper hairline and when a tape mold should be used and when a plaster cast mold.

4) Working with Human Hair
You will learn different techniques of working with human hair, and the difference between remy and non remy hair.

5) Cutting Techniques
You will learn how to blend the client’s hair with the hair system and how you can reduce the thickness to achieve a natural look.

6) Coloring Techniques
You will be taught how it is possible to accomplish natural results and the different techniques of coloring hair.

7) Styling Techniques
In this section you will learn the different methods of styling hair, the latest techniques, and how to blend the hair with the client’s existing hair.

8) Permanent and Temporary Attachment Methods
For every client a different method of attachment is suitable. You will be able to guide them as to what is best for them.

We strive to provide training to every individual, so that they are able to provide their clients with top- notch services. If you wish to become an expert in the field of non-surgical hair replacement, contact us by call/ watsapp. We will guide you on how you could register yourself for the course or organize a training program tailor made for you.