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About American Hairline

About American Hairline

AHL creates handcrafted, customized non -surgical hair replacement systems along with customized hair texture and density, (exactly like your own hair), which are then grafted to your scalp. Our hair systems are designed especially according to Indian hair texture, skin tone and climate to make it look exactly like your scalp and hair.

Hair loss can lower one’s self -confidence to a large extent and we believe every man deserves to feel good about himself. Thus, the non surgical hair replacement process is one that is affordable , painless and of the highest quality creating the look and feel of one’s own hair.

We Understand

We Understand

Statistics have proved that around 50% of men start losing their hair in their 20s. The reasons for losing hair may vary. It could be due to male pattern baldness, alopecia totalis, thinning hair in general or hair loss due to radiation/ cancer treatments. Whatever the reason, hair loss can be extremely disheartening. In moments like these, one may resort to different ways to get their hair back or prevent further hair fall. For example, medications, laser or prp treatments may work to some extent but are ineffective ways to get a full head of hair. A hair transplant also works only if one has a donor area for the hair to be transplanted and has some disadvantages that need to be considered.

In such cases, the best option is that of non -surgical hair replacement. The results are guaranteed, and the benefits derived are plenty.

How Can We Help

How Can We Help

Seeing people in distress we have created a company called American Hairline to help people regain their confidence and lessen their distress. So, they feel more confident to face the outer world. As a customer, it is important that you can make an informed decision to choose what is best for you.

We have reinvented and vowed to be genuine with our hair replacements. We have a technologically advanced hair system that is air active, undetectable, customizable and affordable.

Why Should You Choose Us

Why Should You Choose Us

We wanted to make sure our hair systems are available to everyone, no matter where you live, American Hairline is an affordable and convenient solution for men suffering from hair loss. We wanted to do things a little differently so we will not make you sign any sort of contract that binds you to us. We strongly believe that only if you wish to choose to return to us as a client, we know that we have done a great job and you are happy. Hair replacement is about confidence.

Your happiness and confidence are our priority and we want you to experience the same beneficial effect that the founders and thousands of clients feel every day.

In order to know if American Hairline is for you then contact us on +91 9967123333. Feel free to contact us and ask all of the questions that you can think of. We also have our consultations through video calls to make your life easier. We will answer all of your questions to make sure you understand all the pros and cons of hair loss and hair replacement. This way you can be sure and make an informed decision.

American Hairline recreates nature through technology with hair systems that imitate the natural hair growth so perfectly that even professionals in the hair industry can’t tell the difference. This is the reassurance that you need when going for hair replacement.

About Our Hair System

About American Hairline

We have created a hair system to not only look like your own hair but to also feel like your own hair. This is the only way a person will be able to have a natural head of hair. We reinvented the notion of hair replacements: Only tested products and NO harmful side effects. Made from the highest quality hair available in the world. An artificial base made to look exactly like skin. Made with the finest material which is breathable and eventually becomes a part of you.

The extraordinary American Hairline hair system is made from a breathable, micro-thin artificial skin, In which we have implanted the highest grade of Indian human hair. The entire system is gently welded to the bald area of the scalp for up to 7 weeks and it is cut and styled exactly the way you want. The front hairline is absolutely undetectable.

You live with the hair piece as you would with your own hair. You can sleep, shower and play sports in it.. Why is our product so different? It’s simple: Completely non-surgical. No toupees or wigs. No drugs or lotions. And no side effects since we use only tried and tested products.

Why American Hairline

Some things that make American hairline, a brand apart from others:

1. We use the highest quality real human remy hair in the world for our hair systems.

2. We are the only brand in India that customize the hair systems to match it exactly to your own hair in terms of:
a) Density (customized density to suit individual requirements).
b) Choice of hair color.
c) Hair texture, where every hair system is made according to whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy.
d) Base shape (made exact according to one’s hair loss area).
e) The diameter of each strand (thick, thin , very thin texture).
f) Bleached knots / unbleached knots.
g) The front hairline shape.
h) Transitional density in the front hairline (for natural appearance).
i) Hairstyle/ hair length ( we suggest the right hairstyles as well).
j) Hair implant direction.
k) Different base types that suit your requirements. (Swiss lace, French lace, hd skin, silk top or combination.)
3. Affordable: Since we are mainly on an online platform, we are able to provide the most expensive hair systems at affordable prices.

4. Emi options (approximately INR 2500-3000/month, duration approximately 8 months).

5. Hand holding and support:
Our customer service department will be in constant touch with you for any query or issue to make sure we handhold you till you become a pro at it.

6. We provide learning videos that will be of great help to you. You will need to learn a few things at the initial stage to start off smoothly.

7. The only ISO certified company in hair systems.

8. Certified by American board of accreditation services.

9. Certified by AIAO (American International Accreditation Organization) bar.

10. Convenience: home delivery of hair systems.

11. Online order process that makes it easier to order being in your comfort zone.

12. Single strand implant: each of our strands is implanted as single strand, this gives the flexibility to part the way you want looking exactly like your natural hair growth.

13. We provide ready to wear hair systems, that are cut and styled, so all you have to do is get them fixed.