Hair Wigs For Men

Full Hair wigs are meant for men mainly who have overall hair loss due to illness like alopecia, chemotherapy, etc.

Cancer & Alopecia Wigs For Men

Full Hair Wigs Are Meant for :

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Wigs For Cancer Patients :

Men who are undergoing chemo therapy, go through hair fall and lose most of their hair. Full wigs for men are ideal is such cases. We advise , planning this well in advance.

Wigs For Alopecia Patients :

  • Full wigs are generally meant for men who have last almost all hair on the head.
  • This is very common in case of alopecia which has now become very common after the covid vaccination .

Methods of

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Stick On Wigs

You need to shave of your natural hair and stick it you your scalp. Needs to be removed and stuck again every 20 to 25 days.

Elastic Cap Hair Wigs
  • This wig cap has an elastic band at the back.
  • It is to be worn like a cap.
  • You do not need to shave off your hair for the same
  • You can wear it every morning and remove it every night.
  • You can wear is an per your convenience.

Our suggestions :

  1. Lower density : Try choosing a lower density ( less hair ) full wig . This looks more real and its a lot more comfortable.
  2. Avoid online wigs : these are standard sizes and usually heavy in density.
    They usually never look natural.
  3. Age appropriate : If u are above 45 , add some grey hair to make it look more natural.
  4. Customize your wig : Every head shape, hair texture, color , density is different. By customizing the hair wig, it will look more like your own hair.
  5. Don’t go for cheap wigs: Usually human hair full wigs are expensive as they are made to order and its hand made. Its the quality of the net , the knotting, the quality of the hair that makes a huge difference. No point buying a wig eventually won’t look natural.
  6. Go to a wig specialist : We suggest going to professionals who are experts in wigs and specializing in designing . Your expert should also have the Aesthetic sense and suggest the right combination for you.
  7. Elastic cap preferred : Try choosing the elastic one and not full stick on.
  8. Stick on are a little high in maintenance : You got to service it every 20 days. Whereas the elastic one, you can wear it in the morning and remove it in the night.
  9. Try not choosing a brush back hairstyle : Natural hairline hair wigs are difficult to maintain as they have to be stuck and cant be clipped.
  10. Keep the hairstyle simple : If you choose a simple hairstyle , it will always look real.
  11. Consult in detail with your wig specialist before placing the order: We at American hairline, take the proper mold and then customize the units. You watch a lot of your videos which will give you an idea about the mold process.
  12. Avoid Exposed hairline : Don’t choose a hairstyle with exposed hairline as its difficult to maintain and a lot of can needs to be taken .Besides , the life of the wig will also reduce because for natural hairline , we need to use a very thin material which makes the system very delicate.

If you have any further questions , you can speak to our experts and find out which will be the right option for you.