Travel Tips for Hair Replacement System Wearers

01, February 2020

A new hair system wearer can get nervous about travelling.  You could get anxious about attaching the hair replacement system discreetly if needed, and also carrying the supplies that you will require. 

It’s advisable that you plan ahead of your trip so it’s less stressful for you.  A number of supplies are needed during travel the same way you keep them at home. 

In this article we share some tips to help you prepare for your trip and manage your hair while travelling.

Do what’s most efficient

If you usually use glue adhesive for your hair system, we suggest you pack tape instead for the trip, since it’s easier to carry and applying tape is easier than glue.  Liquid adhesive also tends to leak so it’s easier to carry tape especially if it’s a short trip.

If you have a spare hair system, you could also apply the tape n keep it in a plastic storage bag so it’s ready for you to wear.  Once you attach the hair system, you could put the worn hair system in the bag and seal it. 

Take only what’s necessary

If your trip is short, you don’t need to carry full bottles of solvents or excessive maintenance supplies.  Prepare a kit to put just enough of the stuff you need.  You could transfer liquid products to small, unmarked bottles, so your privacy is maintained. 

Protect your hair during sleep

Carry a hair- safe pillowcase, just incase the place you’re staying doesn’t have a silk or satin one.  That way, your hair is protected during sleep.

Carry a head covering

Always carry a cap with you, each time you travel.  It’s a savior when anything goes wrong with your non- surgical hair replacement system and provides coverage incase your hair system loosens.

Handling airport scanners

The most common question people ask is whether airport scanners detect the clips in case of a clip- on hair system.  Standard scanners normally cannot detect clips, but if at all in a rare case the scanner beeps, you can always speak to the airport personnel discreetly and provide an explanation.

Like they say ‘Good things happen to those who groom’!  So taking the time to plan all the things you need is the most sensible thing to do.  Do call or WhatsApp us on +91 9222666111 if you need any guidance regarding non- surgical hair replacement.