Tips On How To Mend Your Hair System On Your Own

03, January 2020

Non- surgical hair replacement is an invaluable solution for those suffering from hair loss.  Customized hair systems, which are made according to an individual’s head shape and head size, look and feel perfectly natural. 

You have the option to choose between a ready- to wear hair system or professionally fitted hair replacement system with a choice of base type.

In this article we provide tips on how you could mend your hair system at home, incase the bond loosens.

Preparing to attach the hair system

Liquid glue adhesive provides a stronger hold as compared to tape adhesive, so if you’re someone with a very active lifestyle, bonding with glue would be a better option.  The adhesive lasts between 3 to 4 weeks depending on your skin type and can be easily replied and removed.  The following products are required if you want to attach with a glue adhesive:

  • Scalp protector
  • Adhesive remover
  • Alcohol- based cleanser
  • Liquid adhesive
  • Application sponge
  • Hair clip
  • Light colored brow pencil

Preparing the scalp for application

Cleaning the scalp prior to application is extremely important to achieve a secure bond.  If you fail to follow this important step, it could cause the adhesive to fail, and not provide a strong hold. 

Below is a step- by- step guide on how you can prepare the scalp for application:

1. Remove adhesive residues: 

Wipe all adhesive residues with the help of a wet towel/ cloth.  Then, using a paper towel and adhesive remover rub vigorously. 

2. Wash the scalp:

Wash your scalp thoroughly twice.  Scrub the surrounding area with an exfoliating glove and soap four to five times.  Finally use a deep cleansing shampoo to balance the ph of your skin. 

3/ Dry the scalp:

Dry with a towel and then hairdryer to remove any excess moisture.  Also, get rid of any hair in the bonding are to ensure a better hold. 

4. Clean the bonding area:

Cleanse the area with an alcohol- based cleanser two to three times until you achieve the desired result.

5. Locate the bonding area:

Trace the contour of the hair replacement system with a brow pencil by making dots around the edge.  Use a mirror to locate the hairline that is approximately four fingers from your eyebrows.

6. Protect your skin: 

Apply a waterproof sealant to increase the adhesion of the bond.  Let it dry completely before attaching the hair system. 


How to apply liquid glue adhesive and attach the hair system


1. Apply liquid adhesive:

Brush the adhesive on the dots you marked previously without covering them completely.  Use thin coats, brushing horizontally and vertically.  Apply two coats with a gap of five minutes between the first and second coat. 

Wait for fifteen minutes after the second coat to allow the adhesive to become sticky.  If you are using a silicone- based adhesive, then wait for eight minutes.  Adequate drying time allows the solvents to evaporate properly.

When attaching thin hair systems, you can put one coat on the front edge of the hair system.  Then, allow it to dry completely, before attaching it.  With lace hair systems, apply adhesive to the scalp only.  Then wipe the dots from the forehead.

2. Proceed with the attachment:

Once the adhesive has dried, position the system over it, and press it onto the scalp with the flat edge of the comb.  Repeat this all around the edge until your hair system is fully attached.

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