Switching From A Clip- on Hair System To A Bonded One

25, October 2019

If you are new to non- surgical hair replacement, you could begin by using a clip- on hairpiece / hair toupee.  With such a system, you get the freedom to wear it whenever you like, and the flexibility of not having to shave your head.  Over a period of time you will be able to figure out if you are comfortable with a hair patch or not.  Clip- on hair systems are also low in maintenance, as no monthly visits to a salon are required for servicing. However, you may want to switch to a glue/ tape system if you want hair on your head 24/7.  Lets take a look on how to make that transition, in detail.

Transitioning from clip-on to bonding

As your hair thins, a clip on system may not continue to meet your needs as it may get difficult to wear the clips.  This is the time when you would want to consider transitioning to bonding.

When to transition to bonding

Its time to start bonding your hair system when:

1.Your clip on hair replacement system has started to feel uncomfortable.

2.You feel pain as if your hair is being pulled.

3.Your tired of adjusting your hair system several times during the day.

4.Your hair has become very thin, and is not enough for the clips to hold onto.

5.You want an option that’s more permanent.

6.You want a more undetectable system.

7.You don’t mind sleeping and showering in your system.


If you are struggling with a clip-on system, you might just find comfort and security in a bonded hair system.  You wont have to worry about your hair system being pulled at, shifting or coming off.  You’ll forget your wearing a hair system as your able to swim, shower and sleep in it.  And you will be free of attaching the system every single day-  just once a week or two.

How to make the transition

Once you have committed to shaving, transitioning to a bonded system would be fairly easy.  If your current clip-on system has a poly perimeter, you can use the same system to begin bonding it by simply removing the clips.  This is the fastest and easiest way.

You can also choose to redesign your system so that you can have base that’s lighter, less detectable and more breathable.  We can help you create a system that supports your changing needs. 

There is some amount of learning you will need to do for a bonded system.  Our executives are there to help you understand maintenance procedures and the products that are required.  Most people feel that a bonded system is more comfortable and less detectable and enhances their confidence.  In addition, people adapt quickly to the process and maintenance becomes second nature. 

Lean on us

We are there to help you at every stop in your hair replacement journey.  Feel free to contact us, if you need any help in designing your new system, or have any other concerns.