05, June 2019

The last decade has seen an increase in the number of men who are balding and also losing hair due to a very serious medical condition known as alopecia, where hair loss occurs either in patches on the scalp or all over the body. Thanks to the advances in technology, non surgical hair replacement systems have made it possible for men like these to get a full head of hair.

Finding a good hair replacement system that suits your requirements can be quite challenging. In addition, you might want to consider some important factors before you make a decision about choosing the right hair system. The first step to choosing a hair system is to visit a hair salon that specialises in non surgical hair replacement to get an assessment done of your hair. Since each hairpiece is fully customised, the stylist will check your hair texture and colour to make a hair system that looks perfectly natural.

What are the characteristics of a good hair replacement system? 
1.Comfortable to wear 
The most important feature of a good hair system is that it must be secure and comfortable. If you are unable to do your daily activities like playing a sport, going to the gym or even swimming, there are chances you may get fed up and want to get rid of it.

2. Natural looking and Undetectable
Hair loss or baldness is something every man is uncomfortable with. Hence it is important that a hair piece must be as natural looking as possible, which is achievable in hair replacement systems where the material used is a very fine skin like membrane.

What questions should you ask about non surgical hair replacement 
1. What is the cost of the hair system?
The customised Hair replacement systems come at a price ranging from Rs 50,000 to Rs1,00000 . The cost of every hair piece varies as it depends on the individuals requirements in terms of its base size, colour , the percentage of greys to be added , base material ,texture, etc . However there are local ones available in the Indian market which are cheaper but they are not advisable because they are made in India and unfortunately the ones made in India don't have a good finishing . Also , they are produced in bulk . Hence , customisation is not possible when hair pieces are created in bulk. 
Its highly recommended to get a hair system which is customised to each individual's hair type , hair loss area , texture , skin colour and hair colour The customised one gives you the liberty to choose the right one that matches your hair and skin . At American Hairline (USA), we manufacture our own hair systems in order to make even the high end hair systems affordable for our customers. These units are considered to be best in the world in terms of quality .The price range is within 20,000 to 35,000 Indian rupees only . To make it convenient for you, even further, you could make the payment in instalments too, over a period of 12 months. Your monthly instalment could be between 2999- 4999 Indian Rupees, depending on the hair system you choose.

2. Are there any risks involved in non surgical hair transplant?
There are no risks or side effects of a hair replacement system. However, hair systems do require regular maintenance. You will be required to visit a hair salon at least once a month to get your hair trimmed and invest in good hair products to make sure the hair system is looking good always. Additionally, the fine skin like membrane wears off in time and requires regular replacement. Visiting a hair salon frequently can take up a lot of your time incase you have a very busy schedule.
Understanding the needs of our customers, we, at American Hairline now offer hair services at your doorstep. All you gotta do is call us and book an appointment and get the service done in the privacy of your home. The hair technician will come, clean the hair system, clean your scalp and re fix the hair system on your scalp. 
To sum it up, the most important things to consider are: 
1). Monthly maintenance is required. 
2) You will be required to trim you natural hair on the top very short in order to fix the hair piece on the scalp. (However, incase your are hesitant to trim your hair short, clip on hair pieces would be a better option for you; as it is not required to shave or trim the hair on the top. ) 
When we evaluate the advantages and disadvantages, the advantages of hair replacement systems far outnumber the disadvantages: 
1. Having a full head of hair improves your self esteem and gives you a boost in confidence. 
2. Once you start feeling better about your self, you would want to become more active socially, as people accept you a lot more. 
3. Your relationship with your partner becomes better. 
4. Instant results. 
5. Completely painless procedure. 
6. Cost is much less than a hair transplant . 
For these reasons non surgical hair replacement India has gained popularity amongst men. For further inquiries regarding non surgical hair replacement , call American Hairline :- +91 9967123333. American Hairline offers non surgical solutions for those battling hair loss in the form of hair pieces for men, hair wigs and hair extensions