10, August 2019

The most important features that help to create the most natural look with your non surgical hair replacement system are hair color, density and front hairline placement. If each of these are done correctly, you will be able to have an undetectable hair system. As a first time hair system wearer, there’s a lot of learning that one needs to do. Our hair expert team is always here to assist you so that you avoid making some mistakes when ordering for the first time.

If this is your first time into non surgical hair replacement and have fears or concerns, we recommend you work your way through this entire article before making any decisions.

1) Incorrect hair density

When choosing the right density for your hair replacement system, one needs to bear in mind many factors. For someone who is going to be wearing a hair system for the first time, the thought of getting a full head of hair can be very exciting. But, the excitement can cause them to order a hair system with very high density. Wearing such a hair system can look and feel very unnatural. Our hair technicians can guide you as to what density would be suitable for you.

2) Inaccurate recession and shape of front hairline

An accurate front hairline shape is the key to achieving a natural appearance with a hair patch. Your hair patch can be easily detectable if the shape and recession of the front hairline is not appropriate for your age or the hairstyle you have.

3) Incorrect placement of front hairline

A correct placement of the front hairline, makes a hair system look real and natural. If it is placed too far forward or too far back, it can look fake and is easily noticeable.

4) Poor cut and blending

Proper cutting and blending of the hair toupee with your own hair helps to avoid giving an obvious line, so that its not detectable. Choose a cut/ style that is able to camouflage the hair system and not make it more obvious. Your hair expert will be able to help you with that.

5) Hair color that is not suitable for your age

Your hair is made up of sections that are lighter or darker than others. As you age, you will begin to get few gray strands that mix with your hair color. You will notice that the hair looks lighter in color and not darker. Bearing this in mind, the color of the hair system should be age appropriate to give it a natural look. As you age, your hair replacement expert can make some changes by adding more grays to the hair system when required.

6) Choosing a complex hairstyle

Though it may be tempting to try new fun and cool haircuts with your new hair system, its best to choose styles that are simpler. A simple, uncomplicated hairstyle makes it easy for you to style your hair on your own on an everyday basis.

7) Incorrect measurements

Beginners need to provide correct measurements of the area that is balding. Incorrect measurements means the hair system can end up being uncomfortable or ill fitting. Hence, it is essential that the exact measurements must be taken.

8) Not having a spare hair system

Incase of emergencies or unforeseen circumstances we recommend you must have a backup hair system. If your hair system gets damaged, when your home or traveling, having a spare hair system can be a savior.

Our hair expert team is always available to help you avoid making any mistakes when ordering your hair system. We want to make the experience for you a pleasurable one! Feel free to call us or watsapp on +91 9222666111 if you require any kind of assistance.