Hair Replacement Systems: Creating a New Image For Yourself

15, October 2019

This is where we begin with an introduction to non surgical hair replacement.  For years now, most hair replacement establishments have minimized any kind of information related to what it’s like to live with a hair system.  But we at AHL are committed to being transparent and open about all the information you need.  We want to make sure that all your questions are answered and your doubts are cleared.  For these reasons, we have done our best to cover every logistical and emotional concern for anyone and everyone who wants to learn about hair systems or hair toupees. Here we are to provide you with honest, credible information to help you make informed decisions.

Shift your way of thinking

During your journey, you will go through a range of emotions. We advise you to address the emotional issues early enough for a successful transition into wearing your hair system, with no negative thoughts that may hinder your progress. 

Keep in mind that nobody will every pay attention to your hair as much as you do.

When you begin wearing your hair patch for the first time, you will keep checking your hair constantly to see if it looks ok and if there are any tell tale signs that your wearing a hair system.  You will wonder if it looks realistic and you may continually check the base.  All this is normal.  Always remember that you look at yourself more critically than anyone else. 

Human beings tend to connect emotionally to certain experiences because they are familiar with them. These experiences could be ones that make us feel bad but because they are familiar our brain finds it safe.  Unfortunately, this prevents us from trying new things even though they might be safe but are not familiar to the brain.   The good news is that we are fully capable of reversing this pattern.

1. Don’t always assume that everyone knows your wearing a hair system.  They don’t.

2. Unless your having a major issue, which can’t be concealed, nobody is going to inspect your hair the way you will. 

3. Don’t get obsessed with finding problems with your hair system.  Stop overanalyzing and take a step back.

If you have extensive hair loss

People who come in contact with you often, will notice a difference in your hair; from extreme hair loss to a full head of hair.  It may also take some by surprise, but it’s a short- lived experience, which will soon be forgotten.  When your hair replacement system looks real, people will soon forget about it.  So, be prepared for different reactions from people and plan a way to deal with them. 

Accept yourself

It is very important that you accept yourself first, rather than seeking validation from others.  When you have accepted yourself, others will automatically accept you and respect you. 

Make the commitment

Take a decision to put your energies into mastering hair replacement rather than focusing on hair loss.  So let go of focusing on the problem, and focus on the solution instead.  Give it your best effort till you are satisfied with your progress.

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