17, August 2019

Non surgical hair replacement is the perfect solution for men who are not suitable for hair transplant and even for those men who have tried every option available but nothing worked. In this article, we give you a complete know how about non surgical hair transplant, what a hair system is, what are the different types of hair replacement systems, and the material that is used as the base of the system.

What is meant by a hair system or hair piece? 
A hair system which can also be called a hair piece, is fixed to your scalp to be able to give you a head full of hair. While synthetic hair systems and ready-made systems are easily available, 100% human hair customised systems are better in terms of quality. They are also more natural looking and completely undetectable.

What are the different materials that are used for the base of the hair system?
The main materials that are used for men's hair replacement systems are polymers and mesh ( lace )fabric. Each of these have some advantages and disadvantages. Here we give you a complete review of each.

Hair systems made from polymers and are more durable purely because the base material is thicker . Silicone and polyurethane are used to create this material that gives the look of skin.

This material is more durable and easily attachable . ( Lasting approx 8 to 12 months ) It is also cheaper in cost as compared to the mesh fabric.

The hairline looks less natural Due to the material that is used one can feel very hot and uncomfortable.

Mesh Fabric 
This fabric is mainly made of nylon or polyester creating a hairline that is very fine and more natural looking. However, since the material is very fine it may not be very long lasting.

The fabric creates a hairline that is more natural and undetectable. The light weight material makes it very cool and comfortable to wear.

The material is slightly delicate, hence not very long lasting ( 4 to 8 months ) It is expensive in cost, comparatively . The material requires to be replaced often

However there are different combinations which can be designed by your hair technician based on your requirement , lifestyle , etc . Hence , make sure you choose a company which has enough expertise in designing and customising a hair system for you.

How are hair replacement systems attached to the scalp?

It is imperative that the hair system is attached to the scalp properly to ensure that there is no further hair loss in the area underneath the hair piece. There are two methods of attaching non surgical hair replacement systems to the scalp
1. Clip On Hair Systems :
These are attached securely with clips onto your natural hair. Clip on hair pieces are easy to attach and remove. Hence, you don't need to visit a salon to fix them. 
Advantages of clip on hair systems: 
1) You don't need to trim your hair on top as the hair system is attached with clips onto your natural hair. 
2) Absolutely low in maintenance. You don't need to visit a salon frequently to maintain the hair piece

Disadvantages of clip on hair systems:
1) The clip on hair piece is not as secure and you may not be able to wear it during exercise or swimming. 
2) You can only choose a clip on hair system if you have enough hair on the sides and at the back. 
3) You cannot sleep with it.

2. Semi Permanent Hair Systems There are three ways of attaching semi permanent hair systems:
a) Liquid Adhesives: These hair systems are attached to the scalp with the help of liquid adhesives by a process known as bonding. It is important that you get the procedure done at a well reputed salon as it may cause the skin to flake. Also, the stylist must be someone who has enough experience in fixing and removing the hair system so he will ensure that even your natural hair has some space to breathe. 
b) Double sided tape: A double sided tape is used to stick the hair piece onto the scalp. The procedure is simple and easy to do. However, the glue from the tape can come off during activities like swimming, or exercising. 
c) Double sided tape with liquid adhesives: To make the hair system more secure, so that one is able to carry out their daily activities, the liquid adhesive can be used additionally on the tape.

Advantages of semi permanent hair systems: 
1) They are more secure in comparison with clip on hair pieces. 
2) You can wear it even when your sleeping or during your daily activities such as swimming, exercising or playing a sport.

Disadvantages of semi permanent hair systems:
1) Your hair on the top of your head needs to be trimmed very short to attach the hair piece.
2) You need to visit a salon with enough expertise in hair replacement , at least once a month to maintain your hair system.

Make sure you visit the salon regularly for the maintenance of your hair replacement systems. The material of the hair piece tends to thin out with time and requires replacing it with new material.

We hope this article has provided you most of the information you need. However, in case you require further assistance , feel free to call American Hairline : +91 9967123333. We are here to provide all the help you need.