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ISO Certified

American Hairline is proud to announce that we have passed an in-depth set of assessments to achieve the honour of ISO-9001:2015 certification for our quality management system ISO 9001:2015 is the most widely known and internationally accepted standard for quality management. This certification recognizes organizations with a quality management system thatconsistently provide services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.The ISO-9001:2015 standard ensures that the basis of our quality management system is continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

What this means to our customers:
* Improved hair quality and betterservice to customers
* Right attitude
* Independent audit demonstrates commitment to quality

Achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification took a lot of effort from every member of our team. We all look forward to better serving our customers and the exciting, new challenges and opportunities that come along with ISO certification.

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Why American Hairline

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1. We use the highest quality real human remy hair in the world for our hair systems.
2. Affordable: Since we are mainly on an online platform, we are able to provide the most expensive hair systems at affordable prices.
3. Emi options (approximately INR 2500-3000/month, duration approximately 8 months).

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Are Hair Systems Meant For You ?

AHL Non-Surgical Hair Replacement

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Benefits of AHL Hair Replacement Systems

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No Pain/No Bleeding

  • Unlike a surgical method, there is absolutely no pain and discomfort after the procedure.
    There is absolutely no bleeding or any form of medication prescribed in the Non- surgical method.

No Side Effects

  • We use only medical-grade adhesives to fix the system which is bacteria resistant which makes it extremely safe.

It's Reversible

  • If you decide that you are no longer interested in wearing your hair replacement system for whatever reason, you can simply have it removed - it’s not permanent.

Get The Density You Desire

  • In transplant, if you have scanty hair on the sides and back, you may not be able to achieve the density you like. Whereas, in hair systems, you can achieve the density you desire since it is not dependent on your natural hair density.

Difference between Hair system and Hair wig

Back in the day, human hair wigs were made for the rich and actors for shoots. Hair wigs gradually became popular amongst general people as well and a lot of people started weaving Hair wigs which were popularly known as weave hair. Gradually, hair wigs for men kept getting more and more advanced and today they are known as Hair systems.

They were widely used by a lot of Bollywood celebrities ,but in the last few years , the demand for hair wig for men in Mumbai and across the country has rose drastically because lately , men are a lot more conscious about their appearance the before .

If you looking for non-surgical hair replacement in Mumbai or in India, American Hairline gladly offers you a detailed online consultation which answers all your questions related to Hair systems.

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I almost got into depression. Thanks to AHL I feel more confident than before.”

David T.
Age 42

American Hairline has given me a new Life, a new personality and a whole new me!

Ajay N.
Age 32

“At first I was too scared that what if people found out im wearing a hair piece? But phew, AHL hair systems look just like your own hair and till now no one has been able to tell.

Rahul A.
Age 49

Common Questions

American Hairline

Non-surgical hair replacement is a non-invasive system in which your hair can greatly be increased in hair density and there is no donor area required. There is no need to worry about the success rate because of texture or curl pattern. It is also a great solution for someone who has undergone a surgical hair transplant but want to add additional hair.

The answer here is an easy yes. The purpose of finding the right hair restoration solution for you is so it will allow you to continue to do the things you love. Whether it be swimming, running, or playing basketball. What ever active lifestyle you have you can continue to have but with confidence.

One of the beautiful things about our hair loss systems is they allow you to style your hair any way you wish. You can even comb your hair straight back revealing your natural front hair line.