04, June 2019

Thinning hair is the beginning of balding and also one of the major reasons why a man may lose his self confidence. While some battle it bravely, most run out of ways on how to style the hair to make it look presentable.

The best solution for this is to choose non surgical hair replacement system for the most natural look and feel. American Hairline creates the best quality non surgical hair replacement systems in Mumbai. These are 100% human hair systems. We have listed some different hairstyles for you that you can choose for your hair piece to help you look more classy and suave.

1) Brushed back skin fade hairstyle
This is a style that can look both classy at work and worth showing off at parties and get together. It is one of the best hairstyles to opt for men who are battling baldness. The base of American Hairline hair systems gives a scalp like appearance , which makes the hairpiece completely undetectable as if the hair is growing naturally from the scalp.

2)The Pompadour Hairstyle
ThisThe Pompadour hairstyle has several variations. However, the one thats most popular is the one with hair swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, gives you a look thats more easy going. If you are some one who's lost all your hair on top, and wish to rock this look, American Hairline systems can help you achieve the most realistic look possible.

3)The Mohawk Hairstyle
The Mohawk is a style that's most popular amongst younger men. For years now, its been a look that's considered super trendy and fashionable. Since American Hairline systems have a natural hairline, no special base is required, and the look is easily achievable.

4)The Spiky Hairstyle
The spiky hairstyle is one of the most low maintenance hairstyles. A good hair product or hairspray is enough for the spikes to last long. Since the cut can be quite short, the base of American hairline systems are ultra thin, making it look natural and totally undetectable.

5) Undercut Hairstyle
The undercut is a style that features short hair on the sides and long hair on the top. The style is suitable for most occassions, be it casual, formal or business. It is one of the most versatile styles to pull off and perfect for a hair system such as American Hairline. For more information on non surgical hair replacement call American Hairline on +91 996712333. We specialise in non surgical solutions for hair loss such as men's hair wigs, hair toupees , and hair pieces for men